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5 days ago
Most iPhone users may not know this trick, but you can delete multiple contacts at the same time in iOS. The reason it's not more widely known is that Apple's bulk delete function in Contacts is unlike similar actions performed in Messages and Mail, so it's not immediately obvious how it works.

The following steps guide you through what is actually a very simple process once you know it. Until fairly recently, deleting multiple contacts at once could only be achieved by logging into iCloud via browser, so this is a handy tip to remember.

Launch the Contacts app on your iPhone, or open the Phone app and tap Contacts.
Using two fingers, press and hold a contact, then drag your fingers up or down the list to highlight adjacent contacts as a selection. To add non-adjacent contacts to your selection, lift your fingers from the screen and perform the same two-finger press.
Release your fingers to finish your selection, then long press with one finger on any highlighted contact and tap Delete [X] Contacts in the dropdown menu.
Tap Delete Contacts in the confirmation prompt.


That's all there is to it. Did you know that you can also organize groups of contacts into dedicated lists on iPhone and iPad? Click on the link to learn how it's done.